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At the time of publishing this review the Triton 300 is listed on Flipkart for Rs 79,990. For that money, you get the laptop with an Intel 9th Gen Core i7 CPU with 8GB of RAM. Storage is handled by a 256GB solid-state drive working alongside a 1TB hard drive. Complementing the CPU is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card with 4GB of dedicated video RAM. Now the GTX 1650 is, as we all know, the base model in Nvidia’s 2019 line-up of laptop GPUs. Our review unit, on the other hand, came equipped with the same Intel 9th Gen Core i7 and GTX 1650 chips but a more generous 16GB of RAM. Storage was taken care of by a WD 512GB PCIe NVMe solid-state drive with no hard drive to accompany it. This variant of the Triton 300 is expected to make it to online stores like Flipkart soon.

The Acer Predator Triton 300 is easily one of the best GTX 1650-powered gaming laptops we have seen since 2019, especially in terms of CPU and GPU performance, but it’s not without its faults. Its screen could use a bit more colour, its speakers, a lot more volume, and its 2.5 KG build, some slimming down. Luckily, all those flaws can be overlooked if all you care about is consistent performance from its well-stacked internals. The GTX 1650 graphics card inside matches well with the Intel 9th Gen Core i7 CPU to offer a pleasurable gaming experience on most popular AAA titles as long as you’re not adamant about pushing that slider to Ultra in video settings, leave alone VR.

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